Teams going to the LTC (Local Team Championships) are listed below. To remain qualified each team must stay in the top 50% of their Division the following session. Teams that qualify in the Summer or Fall must have 4 original members on the team in the Spring and their rosters are locked after the first four weeks. If a roster change is made then the team will need to requalify.

Good Luck

Questions are welcome. Know the rules so you don’t lose your chance. 281-682-2144

Fall Session 2010

021                       022                            023                          024                      056

Pool Team           Dayton Outlaws      Crazy Frogs Too    Clicks Players       Mad Cue Disease

Sticks & Racks     Slop Counts              Tejas Busters                                       Young Gunz

                                                                 Playoffs                                                  Playoffs

231                                       241                              243

Da Players                           Run This                      U-Rack-Em

                                                                                   Respect the 9’s

Summer Session 2010


021                         022                            023                                  024                                     056

 Pool Team            Slop Counts              D1Pool Hustlers           Clicks Players                     Bad Company

 Crazy Eights          Curtis Lowes            Crazy Frogs Saloon                                                   Chalk Therapy

                                 Outta Luck               MOJO Winner of PO                                   Let’s Roll Winner of PO


231                                              241                                     243

Texas Tornados                     S&M Team                        Dream Team