Two teams went to Vegas in the Jack & Jill Competition in April 2010.
Fast Eddies Hustlers
Melissa Crumpler & Julio Rodriquez
Night Owls
Bryan Middleton & Brenda Cline
In Scotch Doubles we had two teams represent the APANHC in Vegas. August 2010,
Cheap Sunglasses
Jimmy Hendrickson & Ronald Proctor
Dayton Outlaws
Jason Faircloth & William Lindley
We also had a Masters team sent to Vegas in August 2010
Texas Heat
Wesley Tyler
Steven West
Jeff Chauncey
Earnesto Bayaua
To Represent the APANHC in the wheelchair competition in August 2010
William Moorehead
We also sent two 8 Ball teams, Bad Company & The Texans and one 9 Ball team The Holy Rollers
Congratulations to all.